Saturday, 31 March 2012

Busy day at acar2go

Hello again to all my blog followers,

What a great start to the weekend today was as 4 more people have joined the ranks of happy acar2go customers.

I see loads of people in this job from all walks of life, where else or in what other occupation could you meet such a diverse slice of society, today for example, a Doctor, a social worker, an optician and a train driver.

Everybody needs transport, when I left school and was thinking about what line of work to get into my Mum advised me to get a job where everybody needs what you have to offer, I thought about a job as Father Christmas but that was already taken by some fat guy with a beard.

After a lot of contemplation I thought that everyone needs to eat and started at what was then Windsor Safari Park (You probably know it now as Legoland) as a trainee chef, I was interviewed by Billy Smarts (As in Billy Smarts Circus) Daughter as the Smart Family used to own the land on which Legoland now stands. I still cook today but no longer get paid for it as my wife says that a Good Man should always look after his Lady and expect nothing in return.

Who am I to argue with "er indoors" anyway back to my story, everybody needs transport and until we run out of World resources to keep them on the road then I reckon I will just have to keep my hand in and carry on selling you wonderful people, super cars!

Best Regards and Thanks for looking in again.




Great Record finish to March for acar2go


We have had an absolutely blazing result this month which follows on from the Best January sales that I have ever had and swiftly followed on by an amazing February, so in a nutshell a record breaking first quarter.

I now have my apprentice taken on through the government endorsed national apprentice scheme which now takes our staffing level to 4, not bad for a small business which was started up in the worst recession that this Country has seen since 1929!

acar2go is committed to first class customer service and that is what we will be instilling into our fresh, raw candidate, I am hoping to make a permanent job offer to him at the end of his 12 month apprenticeship, as our time invested will then not go to waste.

Thank you for looking in, I have to go now as another busy Saturday is beckoning.



Friday, 30 March 2012

acar2go on facebook

Hi to everybody looking in at my blog,

I didn't realise that facebook was such a powerful outlet for me and my used car business, I guess that I have got a bit behind on technology, I have been too busy trying to build a solid foundation over the last 4 years, the muddied waters are finally beginning to clear as there are now 4 of us working here at acar2go which gives me a bit more time to concentrate on consolidating on the formula that I have created.

I have a webtracker attached to my website which allows me to see where the leads are coming from and thus plan better for my advertising and marketing spend, facebook has lifted my site traffic by more than 40% overnight, that's really quite impressive!

People often ask me why is my business so different or what is my USP (Unique Selling Point) I tell them that it is simple, treat people like you want to be treated yourself, believing in Karma or what goes around comes around has guided me well, if only more people could adopt this philosophy then we would all get along so much better.

I am also often asked by prospective customers, "Why should I buy from you as opposed the the dealers or any other garages, in a nutshell I tell them to look up "acar2go" on google, if they see anything that you don't like then not to deal with me, they always come back and buy!

This is a good benchmark to assess what other dealers are like, many would be very scared of you looking them up!

A Big Thank you to my son Harvey for helping me with my endeavours and for the anticipated help with Infornation Technology going forward.

Thanks for looking in again.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

acar2go joins face book

Hi to any of our followers.

We are now on face book, please check us out and give us a like :-)

Thank you


New acar2go website page


Thanks for looking in, we will be updating this site more regularly now that we have regained access, please check out our new posts.