Monday, 31 October 2011

Finally got my account back after disastrous password episode!


I have missed blogging, it gives me a chance to let people know how well we are doing at acar2go.

Since my last blog in January 2011, I have taken on another employee and the Company is rising from strength to strength, we now have a floating level of stock that of over 50 used cars!

Check out my website for the latest arrivals on

We carry out regular promotions like the NHS Discount card that we offer to all NHS employees.

I have an absolutely rigid no haggle policy, I find that customers like this because there is no uncomfortableness either for them or us, I also research the market to ensure that my prices are amongst the most competitive on the internet.

I always say to customers that come to me that they are not only buying the car they are also buying a piece of me, I will take their calls relating to any concerns regarding their car up to 9pm in the evening.

I will also do everything in my power to keep them on the road should they encounter any misfortune with their vehicle.

I offer a level of customer care that is second to none in the industry, I say to people that are wavering that they should check the customer reviews for acar2go and those of my competitors on google or any other search engine to be sure that they are not about to make a monumental mistake.

My credentials are impeccable, I always bend over backwards to help MY customers, ask yourself before you make a purchase, "Do you trust the person that is in front of you and is about to take your money to resolve concerns after the sale?" If the answer is no then vote with your feet and walk my way.

We have also had a promotional video recorded it is on you tube, you can find it by clicking on this link, 

I am so glad to be back on Google blogger.

Thanks for looking in,

Watch this space for more news and updates from "acar2go"

Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited