Sunday, 2 January 2011

January used car sales

Used car Prices in January contrary to popular belief do not go down and there are certainly no sales bargains to be had!

Most of the dealers quietly put their prices up in December so that they can show a Substantial reduction in their "Great January Sale".

They know that the month of December will be as slow as a tortoise, any sales that they pick up will be a bonus and at the higher screen price, then in January they theatrically bare their neck to you in submission that you are the buyer and have all the power, You do make the ultimate decision but the power is very much in their hands!

At acar2go I don't play games with my customers, You always get the best deal, I don't haggle on my prices however You do get a well prepared, great condition, fairly priced quality used car.

I research the market so that I know my prices are amongst the very keenest of any car that is offered for sale, I turn my cars around very quickly at a nominal and modest profit margin, I am not embarrassed to declare that I do make a profit  as without that "P" word, acar2go could not continue.

I sold a car the other day and the people that bought it stated to me that they saw the same car with more than double the mileage on offer at a company that I shouldn't really name, enough to say that it starts with a P  and sounds a bit like Berries, it was over a £1,000 more, this is not an exclusive situation as you will see if you research the market.

The fact is that all of my used cars are sold at substantially below the franchised main dealer and independent dealer prices, a practice that I will be continuing long into the next few years and definitely in 2011

Happy New Year to You all and Thanks for looking in again.

Mark Duncan

acar2go Limited