Thursday, 11 July 2013

This was Posted on the acar2go Face Book Timeline. Perrys Aylesbury Tut, Tut...

"I posted this on Aylesbury Grapevine facebook page after being asked if Perrys were good value for money!!!!
How many people say they have a fair deal, good customer service and good job from Perrys? I worked there! It's a profit before customer set up.
Why do you think they flood mix 96 with sale after sale. It's taking the customer for mugs. We (Perrys) can knock £1000 off the screen price......they just add £1000 on before the sale. £500 free's added on to the screen price.
Look at the used cars all dented and scratched, flag marked on the pitch, nearly bald tyres, gear boxes on the way out but once you have brought them to try and back a car on them is impossible.
Ex rentals that they say are one owner vehicles!  
Ask any member of staff if they are happy working there and 99% will say no. In fact they had a secret questionnaire about working for Perrys and when it came back as negative they made everyone have a one to one in front of a manager!
Managers attitude to staff is if you don't like it F!!! off. Look at the staff turn over.
My advice is take your car to a small independent that will care if you go back time and time again. Like PB autos and Stephen Crook they actually care about customers and they know if they don't do a good job you won't go back.
Perrys just rely on main dealer mentality and a numbers game.
If you Want to buy a second hand car go to acar2go in Aston Clinton and be really looked after.

Go-Karting event acar2go Rewards for Achievement

Here are the before and after Photos of our Go-Karting event.

Nick, the chap in the Blue costume was missing from the after photo as he had to deliver a car back to a customer immediately after the event! (Never flinching in our duty to our customers)

It really was a great night out and our Thanks go to the staff at Daytona in Milton Keynes for keeping us safe on the track for what really was an adrenalin filled event.

We went for a meal afterwards at Browns in Milton Keynes we were a bit late but the staff on duty didn't let that phase them and it rounded off the evening nicely for us.

Remember acar2go where you pay less and get more.

Thanks for looking in again.


Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Most Amazing Result Ever for acar2go

I have just Found out that Perrys in Aylesbury had a dismally quiet June, that's probably why they tried to piggy back off me by advertising themselves as "Perrystogo".

After 101 years in the motor trade the best they can do is copy my little old company "acar2go".

They should be ashamed, conversely we had the Best month EVER probably off the back of their Sham £500 FREE Fuel advert..

Perrys used to be creative when I worked for them now they just copy others! Perhaps their Group Marketing Team need sacking, any takers for the new role?

Keep you eyes on our facebook page for photos of the Go-Karting, 2 out of our 3 of our Technicians smashed it, our lady member of staff had a crash which almost wrote off the Kart, one of our guys broke the front axle on another Kart.

Competitive spirit YES and then some.

acar2go acar2go RA RA RA