Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Record Breaking sales figures in June 2013

acar2go has had the most Incredible month of sales ever, surpassing all of our previous records I know that the month is not over yet but if I stopped the clock right now then I would still be a Happy Director.

My Team has worked very hard indeed putting in unpaid overtime to satisfy the requests of  some of our customers, Congratulations must also be expressed to my 3 Technicians, Nick, Ryan and Harry for the outstanding workload that they have managed to achieve this month.

The reward for this is a Team Go-Karting event followed by as much food as anybody can eat along with an unlimited FREE bar, check out our website for photos to follow the event which is planned for mid July.

Traditionally June is a quiet Month and I have never really known of one that broke any records, I thought we did well in February which was our last Great Record Month but to surpass it in a normally quiet June was surprising and warranted.

Our Warranty product offers a very good level of cover and Thankfully 74% of our customers agreed with most buying 3 years of protection, well done to Tyler for the best Warranty penetration at 86% of his customers.

The month of June has seen our stock holding rise to over 120 used cars, this is one of the obvious reasons that we have sold more as the saying goes, "You can't sell spaces" we are stock turning on average 86% of the cars we have available for sale which is an enviable position to be in as a member of the Motor Trade.

I almost forgot to mention and Thank as people do when regaling their Teams achievements the most important people without whom we would have to close the Doors forever; Our valued and much appreciated Customers.

Thank You so very much as without Your truly valued support our small local business would have to put 11 more people out of work, I think that there is a high enough percentage of society already sucking the life out of our Country's benefit system without adding to it.

So once again our gratitude goes out to you.

Best Regards

Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited