Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy New 5th Year of Trading for acar2go

acar2go is now in its 5th Year of Trading and doing exceptionally well.

I would like to Thank all of our customers that have bought from us and effectively kept us going.

acar2go is a local company that was started in November 2007 by me Mark Duncan, since that time I have given gainful employment to one then Two local people, I also only use local business suppliers.

In the last full year of trading we have turned over in excess of £2,000,000 Million Pounds, that's a big injection of shared funds into the local community.

I am now looking to take on an Apprentice/Trainee, acar2go is not on the same level as Lord Alan Sugar however we are a friendly, enthusiastic and growing company.

In the main we offer used cars from £1,500 to £12,000 although we can get any car for any budget, we sell anywhere from 30-55 used cars per month at a very reasonable mark up which certainly makes our vehicles stand out from the crowd.

At acar2go our philosophy is that the Customers must be treated with respect, we do not see them as ££££ Pound signs, when we do secure their business we ensure that if they have any teething troubles with the car after they take it away that we look after them.

When you look after a customer they feel valued and will reward your good service with their repeat custom, they will also be confident to refer their friends, family and colleagues.

It's not rocket science, the principle is Big money in, small money out! When a customer buys a car from us they are making a deposit into our bank account, when they have a problem we allow them to make a withdrawal, when they buy another car they will be making yet another deposit.

I think that the Secret of a good used car sales business is as follows:

Offer good quality cars at a fair price and get the car right for the customer in the first place so that we do not waste their time, the majority of the money they deposit then stays in our account.

Thanks for looking in again.


Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited