Saturday, 21 December 2013

Here's a sad but True Christmas Tale about some Scum of the Earth Burglars. 

A house in Aston Clinton was burgled last night between the hours of 6 - 8pm they ransacked every room and unwrapped presents from under the Family Tree, left the socks and slippers and took everything else. 

There is an Alarm Company installing a state of the art system as I write this. 

The thing that is really Crap about this as if getting burgled wasn't bad enough is that they have 2 kids a boy aged 10 and a girl aged 7 

Here at acar2go we will be collecting presents for these kids so that their Christmas isn't a total washout, if you would like to help then please bring any presents to us here to our Dealership. 

please indicate whether it is a boy or girl present and we will ensure that they get it. any surplus will be given to a good cause. 

Thank You and Happy Christmas, Mark Duncan, Director, acar2go Limited

Please forward this to all your Facebook or other social media followers, 

Please forward this to all your Facebook or other social media followers.

Thank you and Happy Christmas

Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited

Saturday, 7 December 2013

This is a really great photograph from our archive, I took a photograph of Father Christmas last year before we moved in, check out the forecourt totally empty apart from a workman's vehicle then check the fast forward picture one year on..

Same Santa, Same Horses, Same Carriage but a very different background demonstrating acar2go's exponential growth.

When we were on Seven Acre Farm in Aston Clinton there were just 3 of us, there are now 12 people in the business.

From a one man band in 2008 to a buzzing orchestra by 2013, 2014 is beckoning and acar2go are well positioned to continue on their positively orbital path..

We would like to Thank all of our Customers without whom we would not have a business, acar2go is proof positive if it were needed that enterprise is alive and kicking in Buckinghamshire.

A very Happy Christmas to one and all.

Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Workman swallowed up by roof at acar2go, burglars beware the building is alive....

acar2go staff get on the phone to call for help but it's probably already too late, other staff can't bear to look..
Check out the Christmas lights at acar2go...........

Thieves Beware as we have state of the art CCTV and security lights that are like Blackpool Illuminations..

You may as well just leave us your name and address as the Police will come a calling quicker than the Fat Bloke with the white beard on Christmas Eve :-) :-) :-)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Hi to all our Blog followers, 

here is a superb review of our business by one of our very happy customers.

Thanks for looking in

Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited

From-Melanie Page

Sent 29/10/2013 23:52

I bought my Toyota Aygo from A Car 2 Go a few weeks ago and found it to be a very positive experience.

I have never had to buy a car on my own before and was very worried that I might be manipulated by the sales person and pushed into having a car that wasn't right for me or pushed into paying a lot more money than I wanted to.

I did a lot of looking around and then found A Car 2 Go near where I live and googled their website.

The website was easy to navigate and very clear and informative.

The cars were described in detail with clear photographs and I was able to narrow the field to the types of cars that suited my requirements.

I emailed A Car 2 Go asking about a specific car and received a prompt and friendly response. explaining that sadly that car had gone but there were others that might interest me.

I went to look around. I was met by a salesman called Joe Aquino who was friendly but not pushy and he allowed me to look around just to get a feel for what I liked the look of.

Then when I was ready he showed me the specific cars I was interested in and gave me details etc.
He was happy for me to go away and discuss the cars with my family and made an appointment for me for the next day.

He had cars ready for me to see and explained finance and was very fair about the price he would be able to give me in part exchange for my current car.

My daughter and I were able to spend as long as we liked going backwards and forwards from the two cars we had narrowed the choice down to.

Joe was very patient indeed and answered all our questions and helped us choose between the cars offering advice but not pressuring us.

When we finally made our decision he went through all the paperwork, offered us coffee and was friendly and very helpful explaining in detail the warranty and the after sales service for the car.

I decided not to put my car as part exchange and that was no problem. The car was ready for us the next day and was beautifully valeted and all the service history, MOT and warranty paperwork was shown to me so I knew exactly what everything was.

Everything was done in a friendly and supportive way and I felt very confident that I had made a good choice of car and car dealer despite my initial nerves about going into buying a car.

I have already recommended A Car 2 Go to friends and would wholeheartedly recommend them and particularly Joe, who sold my car to me, to anyone who asked.

Monday, 28 October 2013

We very much appreciate all of our customers just recently one left us a very succinct and flattering review, it reads as follows. 

"This business is great, everything about it is brilliant, I am so impressed with every aspect of our dealings with acar2go". 

Thank you to the kind gentleman who left this feedback for us.

Mark Duncan 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Check out this photo image: We are now fully authorised under the Bucks Trading Standards "Buy With Confidence" scheme, we had to jump through a few hoops and make some tweaks to the processes that we already had in place but for all the right reasons we are now approved.

My Team and I are very proud indeed that the Trading Standards Authority has seen fit to endorse us with this truly outstanding accolade.

acar2go is one of a mere but Elite handful of dealers that meet the standards laid down by the Authorities.

Proof positive if it were needed that we are a fully compliant and honest dealer.

When customers look for a dealer to buy from this badge of Trust will allow us more than ever before to stand out and put peoples minds at rest that in the event of any concern, before, during or after the sale we are fully prepared to act in their best interest to resolve all issues.

Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited

Monday, 23 September 2013

Here is another outstanding Testimonial sent in by one of our lovely customers...

From: Peter Reade [mailto:e-mail address removed for customer privacy]

Sent: 17 September 2013 21:57


Subject: Peter Reade testimonial


I just want to say how grateful I am for your excellent customer service - especially John Woodhead and his attention to my needs when I had an issue with the engine mounts along with issues with the front end assembly which were replaced ASAP with no fuss at all.

The way all the staff were there to make the experience enjoyable to not only myself but to others I noticed during my time there, you have added great value to the experience and nothing has been any trouble to resolve and the original purchase price being a very competitive price..

The car's been nothing short of fantastic for my wife and I, and is only matched by the customer service we've received and for such a good price for our 2003 Skoda Superb - still drives like a new car..


Peter Reade

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sent: Tue 28/05/2013 21:27


Catherine White

(e-mail address removed for customer privacy)

0***6 6****1(Details removed for customer privacy)

Thank you

A quick message of thanks to Joe and Mark for going the extra mile to help us find a car for our family.

You not only took excellent care of us, but also provided toys and treats for our 3 year old son which made the whole experience much easier.

Thank you for your friendly manner and professional assistance.


Sent: Mon 25/03/2013 09:27


Mr Bruce and Mrs Vera Agnew

(e-mail address removed for customer privacy)

0***7 3****5 (Details removed for customer privacy

I had to put pen to paper so to speak to remark on the marvellous experience my wife and I had when buying our new car from acar2go specifically from Harvey, he is a very well natured young man and did not make us feel pressurised.

From the moment he said hello and told us about the way he did business explaining the no haggle policy and the no pressure environment in which they operate we were impressed, he left us to wander and we actually went to look at a nissan note that our son showed us on the web but brought a ford fusion.

I think Harvey had a hand in our decision change because he took a genuine intersest by asking what we wanted, when we explained that my wife suffers from arthritis he seemd to have an understanding and led us to the car  that we brought

Thanks to acar2go for the exellent coffee their outstanding level of service and our lovely new car

Bruce and Vera

Sent: Sat 16/02/2013 13:33

Mandy & Alan

[e-mail address removed for customer privacy]

0**** 4****8 (Details removed for customer privacy)

Vauxhall Meriva


Just wanted to say i was very impressed with your services.

When we came to have a look at the car, we were met by Tony and he showed us the car, he left us to have a look at the car in our own time and answered most of our questions about the car and what he couldn't answer he got someone else to help and show us.

it was nice that we could browse at our own time (even though it was late in the day) to have a good look at the car and not have pushy sales people trying to make us buy the car.

We will certainly be recommending acar2go to our friends and family.

Kind Regards

Mandy & Alan

From: Debbie Grainger [mailto:[e-mail address removed for customer privacy]

Sent: 07 February 2013 14:52


Subject: Peugeot LG****K

Hi Mark

Having been really impressed with the service I received when buying the car I was even more impressed when only having the car for a couple of weeks it developed a problem which you fixed straight away.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to my family and friends.

Kind regards

Our Wonderful Customers just keep the lovely comments coming....

Terri Holloway commented on acar2go's status.
Terri wrote: 

I've seen the new show room - nearly went up the back of someone whilst closing my jaw.., you were always going to do well... Customer service, listen, smile... I recommend everyone ... 

In Reading the other week I followed a quirky little car... With your sticker on the back - she was about 20 and the car just suited her!!!

Thanks again Terri, much appreciated. Mark
I have received these reviews from my simply wonderful customers and thought that it would be 

good to share them with you on my blog.

Terri Holloway I discovered acar2go via my work colleague and I will only buy a car from them, I 

was a lone female and know very little about cars but know what I want ... They have produced 

the goods twice ... Next an S3 I think!! Diesel 18/20 litre... Not orange, manual...

Thanks for the review Terri, you have always been a pleasure to deal with and I look 

forward to the next time, when you are passing pop into our new showroom for 

coffee experience that rivals Starbucks and Costa Coffee, I think that you will be 

surprised at how far we have come since our humble 

beginnings; Thanks in no short part to people exactly like you. Best Regards. Mark 

Duncan, Director, acar2go

What about this for a review just posted on google by one of our customers..

Mr T Reynolds

After searching a number of local car dealers I went to acar2go in March 2013 to buy a car in the range of the 3-4k mark.

From start to finish my experience with them was extremely pleasant. The staff were friendly and helpful while I looked at and tried a number of vehicles. Harvey Duncan was my sales rep and he clearly knew a lot about each car and its history that I tried.

I particularly liked that I never felt as though I was being pushed into it - we all know why car salesmen have such a reputation for being a pain but everyone here was friendly and relaxed.

A whole load of extras were included free as standard so I felt assured that I was getting quality throughout and since buying my car has been great.

Would recommend acar2go to anyone because of their quality and their friendly, relaxed service.

Particularly go here if you're sick of traditional "sales speak" from other car dealers

Hi Tom, what an absolute blinding indictment of the service that we offer to our 

customers. Thank you so much. Kind Regards. Mark Duncan, Director, acar2go

They are now coming thick and fast this is another review posted on Google from another one of our fantastic customers which we are very grateful for.

Peter e

After a bad experience with the toyota main dealer in Aylesbury, when it came to replacing our car in April, we 

chose to buy a peugeot from "a car to go", and i must say that it was an enjoyable experience from start to finish; 

no pressure from the sales team, very polite, helpful and friendly. After a pre purchase inspection, they even 

delivered it to my home. cant recommend them highly enough.

Thank you Peter, it is nice to know that our efforts do not go unrewarded. 

Best Regards. Mark Duncan, Director acar2go

Thursday, 11 July 2013

This was Posted on the acar2go Face Book Timeline. Perrys Aylesbury Tut, Tut...

"I posted this on Aylesbury Grapevine facebook page after being asked if Perrys were good value for money!!!!
How many people say they have a fair deal, good customer service and good job from Perrys? I worked there! It's a profit before customer set up.
Why do you think they flood mix 96 with sale after sale. It's taking the customer for mugs. We (Perrys) can knock £1000 off the screen price......they just add £1000 on before the sale. £500 free's added on to the screen price.
Look at the used cars all dented and scratched, flag marked on the pitch, nearly bald tyres, gear boxes on the way out but once you have brought them to try and back a car on them is impossible.
Ex rentals that they say are one owner vehicles!  
Ask any member of staff if they are happy working there and 99% will say no. In fact they had a secret questionnaire about working for Perrys and when it came back as negative they made everyone have a one to one in front of a manager!
Managers attitude to staff is if you don't like it F!!! off. Look at the staff turn over.
My advice is take your car to a small independent that will care if you go back time and time again. Like PB autos and Stephen Crook they actually care about customers and they know if they don't do a good job you won't go back.
Perrys just rely on main dealer mentality and a numbers game.
If you Want to buy a second hand car go to acar2go in Aston Clinton and be really looked after.

Go-Karting event acar2go Rewards for Achievement

Here are the before and after Photos of our Go-Karting event.

Nick, the chap in the Blue costume was missing from the after photo as he had to deliver a car back to a customer immediately after the event! (Never flinching in our duty to our customers)

It really was a great night out and our Thanks go to the staff at Daytona in Milton Keynes for keeping us safe on the track for what really was an adrenalin filled event.

We went for a meal afterwards at Browns in Milton Keynes we were a bit late but the staff on duty didn't let that phase them and it rounded off the evening nicely for us.

Remember acar2go where you pay less and get more.

Thanks for looking in again.


Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Most Amazing Result Ever for acar2go

I have just Found out that Perrys in Aylesbury had a dismally quiet June, that's probably why they tried to piggy back off me by advertising themselves as "Perrystogo".

After 101 years in the motor trade the best they can do is copy my little old company "acar2go".

They should be ashamed, conversely we had the Best month EVER probably off the back of their Sham £500 FREE Fuel advert..

Perrys used to be creative when I worked for them now they just copy others! Perhaps their Group Marketing Team need sacking, any takers for the new role?

Keep you eyes on our facebook page for photos of the Go-Karting, 2 out of our 3 of our Technicians smashed it, our lady member of staff had a crash which almost wrote off the Kart, one of our guys broke the front axle on another Kart.

Competitive spirit YES and then some.

acar2go acar2go RA RA RA

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Record Breaking sales figures in June 2013

acar2go has had the most Incredible month of sales ever, surpassing all of our previous records I know that the month is not over yet but if I stopped the clock right now then I would still be a Happy Director.

My Team has worked very hard indeed putting in unpaid overtime to satisfy the requests of  some of our customers, Congratulations must also be expressed to my 3 Technicians, Nick, Ryan and Harry for the outstanding workload that they have managed to achieve this month.

The reward for this is a Team Go-Karting event followed by as much food as anybody can eat along with an unlimited FREE bar, check out our website for photos to follow the event which is planned for mid July.

Traditionally June is a quiet Month and I have never really known of one that broke any records, I thought we did well in February which was our last Great Record Month but to surpass it in a normally quiet June was surprising and warranted.

Our Warranty product offers a very good level of cover and Thankfully 74% of our customers agreed with most buying 3 years of protection, well done to Tyler for the best Warranty penetration at 86% of his customers.

The month of June has seen our stock holding rise to over 120 used cars, this is one of the obvious reasons that we have sold more as the saying goes, "You can't sell spaces" we are stock turning on average 86% of the cars we have available for sale which is an enviable position to be in as a member of the Motor Trade.

I almost forgot to mention and Thank as people do when regaling their Teams achievements the most important people without whom we would have to close the Doors forever; Our valued and much appreciated Customers.

Thank You so very much as without Your truly valued support our small local business would have to put 11 more people out of work, I think that there is a high enough percentage of society already sucking the life out of our Country's benefit system without adding to it.

So once again our gratitude goes out to you.

Best Regards

Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited