Friday, 31 December 2010

Used car Bonanza in 2010

acar2go has had a brilliant year, my name is Mark Duncan, my business involves selling used cars, I do this in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

I have had the most superb year ever, used car sales has seen massive growth across the board in 2010, this has been partly due to the Government ending the scrappage scheme, many savvy used car sales business's have grown whilst at the same time many have folded.

In Aylesbury alone we saw the boarding up of a very large dealership that used to sell Toyota, a substantial showroom and forecourt that used to be house a Vauxhall Dealership and a not too shoddy premises that used to be a Skoda sales operation along with the demise of many other smaller players.

Why then are some claiming record breaking performances whilst others are closing the doors forever with heads bowed low? There cannot be just one individual answer mostly a combination of reasons, not least being the personal attitude and behavioural traits of the often unsuitable characters attempting to line their pockets through the motor industry, the ones that have issues with members of the public complaining or demanding their rights, they treat the motor trade as an annoying and unfulfilling job not as a career.

You've heard the saying, "Square peg, Round hole" that's just it!

When I was a Manager at a Franchised Main Dealership and needed to recruit a new member of staff, I used to interview literally 50-60 people, most of them would have absolutely no chance of building a rapport with members of the public, one of the loaded questions I asked was, "would you lie to a customer to secure a sale" those that answered "YES" were shown the door, they think that lying is expected of them and that is what is wrong in the motor trade, too many Liars, Lying to Buyers!

There is no single magic secret ingredient to help evolve in the used car trade,  the one single thing though that you have to nurture, respect and revere as if it were the Holy Grail, the absolute finite and therefore most important thing in the world, the thing that without it we could not survive is...... The customer!

at acar2go the customer is treated with the utmost respect, we humbly bow down to their very existence and Thank them for indulging us with their presence and thereafter if all goes well for their custom.

I am always telling my customers how grateful I am for their business, on every occasion my parting shot is that, if they have any niggly problems, noises, clonks, rattles that they think shouldn't be there to contact the used car warranty company straight away and if they are unhappy with their answer to call me.

If you have one unhappy customer then they will tell all of their friends, family and colleagues, word of mouth is the absolute best form of advertising bar none, I would rather spend my money keeping my used car customers happy than on a new advertising campaign that might just make my phone ring once or twice!

There are many franchised main dealers out there, they play around with selling used cars getting it wrong time and time again, they see used car sales as a route to a quick profit, often hiding behind the small print when the customer calls with a problem that they think should be covered under their warranty.

I don't do small print, I do "customer cuddles" when you have a problem with the second most expensive purchase next to roof over your head, you want re-assurance not waffle and wriggling or hiding behind the semantics of the warranty author!

I have never left any of my customers dangling in the wind, I firmly believe that you should treat others like you want to be treated yourself, this guarantees that you will always be served exactly what you deserve!

As you go through life fate will treat you to the twists and turns that were pre-ordained long before you changed from an organism to a being; I do my best to ensure that I get my dues by dishing out what I want in return.

Thanks for looking in, Sorry if it appears to have turned into a sermon.

Happy new year to you all.

Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited

home at last

I have not added to my blog for over a year, I lost my password and have taken until now to try to resolve the situation, hence the title, "Home at last" I have spent hours staring at the screen, signing onto help pages, viewing help videos to no avail, which is why I have now created a new account.

My old account is linked to

This is just a test message so not much interesting to say on the first post, if it works and I can find it again then I will add some news and articles about my used car business in Aylesbury.

Thanks for looking in and Happy New Year.

Mark Duncan

acar2go Limited