Saturday, 21 December 2013

Here's a sad but True Christmas Tale about some Scum of the Earth Burglars. 

A house in Aston Clinton was burgled last night between the hours of 6 - 8pm they ransacked every room and unwrapped presents from under the Family Tree, left the socks and slippers and took everything else. 

There is an Alarm Company installing a state of the art system as I write this. 

The thing that is really Crap about this as if getting burgled wasn't bad enough is that they have 2 kids a boy aged 10 and a girl aged 7 

Here at acar2go we will be collecting presents for these kids so that their Christmas isn't a total washout, if you would like to help then please bring any presents to us here to our Dealership. 

please indicate whether it is a boy or girl present and we will ensure that they get it. any surplus will be given to a good cause. 

Thank You and Happy Christmas, Mark Duncan, Director, acar2go Limited

Please forward this to all your Facebook or other social media followers, 

Please forward this to all your Facebook or other social media followers.

Thank you and Happy Christmas

Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited

Saturday, 7 December 2013

This is a really great photograph from our archive, I took a photograph of Father Christmas last year before we moved in, check out the forecourt totally empty apart from a workman's vehicle then check the fast forward picture one year on..

Same Santa, Same Horses, Same Carriage but a very different background demonstrating acar2go's exponential growth.

When we were on Seven Acre Farm in Aston Clinton there were just 3 of us, there are now 12 people in the business.

From a one man band in 2008 to a buzzing orchestra by 2013, 2014 is beckoning and acar2go are well positioned to continue on their positively orbital path..

We would like to Thank all of our Customers without whom we would not have a business, acar2go is proof positive if it were needed that enterprise is alive and kicking in Buckinghamshire.

A very Happy Christmas to one and all.

Mark Duncan


acar2go Limited